Today's Vintage Hair style (with style diagram)

Today's hair style is reminiscent of the 1930s, with the soft wave down one side of the face a la Veronica Lake. Shockingly enough, this is my hair after a ten mile ride on my scooter under a large Lady bug printed helmet.

Hair Diagram_1

The directions are simple and I have set up a diagram of how I set the rollers. I prefer to set my hair the night before and sleep with a scarf over the setting to protect the hair. This style is also achievable with pin curls but I find that using the large roller (my rollers are the drug store Conair brand) I get a better effect and more body.

When doing a wet set, I generally use a setting lotion as well as a foam wrap lotion which is found in the ethnic isle of a Sally's Beauty salon or drug store. Using dry hair, I spray a section with a mixture of setting lotion and water to moisten it, do not make the section of hair too damp or it will not hold the curl. I then pump a small dab of foam wrap onto my fingers and work that into the hair. I know this is over kill but my hair is thick and the climate is somewhat humid causing my hair to flatten in the time it takes me to walk my dog.

Once the section is moist, roll the hair around the roller making sure not to twist the ends too much when doing this as it will make them frizz. Continue in the pattern until the whole head is covered and then tie on a scarf or any hair wrap (also found at Sally's Beauty.) fix your favorite night cap and slip into la-la land.

In the morning, once your makeup is on, take out the rollers and separate gently. Take your brush and start combing those curls out until they start forming waves. You may need to help it along by using your brush to form the waves along your face, clip them down if necessary and mist with a hair spray. when everything is to your liking, sit back and admire your work, everyone else will.

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